Yurii Ivantsyk

Yurii Ivantsyk (b. 1995, Lviv) is a Ukrainian artist. In his practices, he turns to the mediums of performance, sculpture, collage, and graphics. In 2017, he graduated from the National University of Food Technologies in Lviv. And in 2021, he graduated from the Lviv National Academy of Arts (LNAM) in the field of sculpture. Works on the subjects of understanding the Soviet past and institutional criticism. Among the selected projects: performances within the festival "Days of Art Performance in Lviv" (2018-2019), the exhibition of sculptures "You can touch it with your hands" in the inclusive space-library "Sensotec", Lviv (2020), street performance "Disappearance", Lviv (2020), performance for LNAM students "What is a Free Academy?" or "?Academy Free is What", Lviv (2021), personal exhibition "Posthumous Juices" in the gallery "Gangrena", Lviv (2021). He works and lives in Lviv.