Vitaly Yankovy

Vitaly Yankovy (Vinnytsia, Ukraine; Bucharest, Romania) is a Ukrainian multidisciplinary visual artist, designer, researcher, and experimental musician. Completed a contemporary art course at the School of Visual Communication (Kyiv) in 2014 (curated by Kateryna Badianova and Lada Nakonechna). Completed Indie Lab documentary school in Kyiv (2018) and American Art Incubator, organised by Izolyatsia and Zero1 (2020).

The artist works with video essays, animation, 3D, drawing, ready-made objects, sculpture and sound. His practice takes shape around hybrid landscapes, which consist of both physical and digital objects. He is currently interested in creating objects from leftovers of material culture and relations between digital and material substances through nonhuman and posthuman studies optics.