Taras Kobliuk

Taras Kobliuk is a Ukrainian artist and co-founder of Lithography30.

Lithography30 is a lithographic workshop by Taras Kobliuk, Alisa Gots, and Nina Savenko. The artists have been collaborating since 2013, mainly on lithography on stone. Lithography30 began their practice at Kyiv Polytechnic University as students and laboratory assistants in the studio of Volodymyr Ivanov-Akhmetov. As a result, they founded their own lithographic workshop.

«We are interested in different topics, and they are variable. Each artist has their style and research subject. Everyone also has their own printing style. However, we often organise exhibitions united by one subject. One of the latest projects was created jointly and included one collaborative artwork.»

Today, it is the only independent lithographic workshop in Ukraine that functions as a creative association and as an open educational platform where people can learn about the specifics of this technique.