Sofiia Yesakova

Sofiia Yesakova (b. 1999, Kyiv) is a Ukrainian artist. She graduated from the master's program at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv. Starting from October 2022, she will study in Academy of Fine Arts Munich (Diplomastudiengang. Klasse Gregor Hildebrandt). Sofiia participated in the Lviv Biennale. The archive of publications of the Lviv Biennale will be displayed in exhibitions in Košice (SK), Pilsen (CZ), Chicago and NYC (USA), and Tel Aviv (IL) in 2022. In her artistic practice, she works a lot with levkas. As the artist says, the work gives her a feeling of non-manufacturedness. She uses the language of minimalism, but also focuses on expressing her thoughts and emotions, reflecting and conveying the atmosphere. That is, the artists includes what minimalism has tried to deny and possibly suppress. For her, the balance between emotionality and rationality is important (cognition preferring the mind to the senses, even turning away from sensory reality). She is currently working on an artwork series, Cargo 200. Experimental projection on surfaces. Lives and works in Berlin. She participated a numerous exhibitions and residency programs; Silver Easel with support of the BROVDI.ART Foundation (Diploma of the Silver Easel laureate, special award from the partners, artists Tamara and Oleksandr Babak), Uzhhorod (2017), REVIEW (of) THE ACADEMY. Self-organised student exhibition in National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv (2021), Ivory black. Self-organised exhibition in National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv (2022), 365daysafter, International art project, MITEC, Kyiv, Open day in Ukrainian Cultural Community, Berlin, Window Project/Fenster project», Prenzlauer studio, Berlin.