Kinder Album

Kinder Album (b. 1982) is a Ukrainian multidisciplinary artist. For the first time, the artist's work, which was notable for its child-friendly stylization, appeared under the pseudonym Kinder Album on Facebook in 2012. Kinder Album works in the genres of painting, graphics, photography, installation, street art, and video. In artistic practice, she explores the boundaries of intimacy and sexuality, and personal fantasies. Her personal exhibitions include: “Once upon a time three dead parrots”, ArtEast Gallery, Berlin (2022), “It is not what you think”, Shcherbenko Art Centre, Kyiv (2021), “For example, today”, Piekno Panie gallery, Lublin (2019), “Not for publication, top-secret and private”, Voloshyn Gallery, Kyiv (2018), “Effective Reflexion”, SABSAY gallery, Copenhagen (2017). She lives and works in Lviv.