Kateryna Lysovenko

Kateryna Lysovenko (b. 1989, Odesa) is a Ukrainian artist. She lives and works in Kyiv. She studied at the Grekov Odesa Art School, then at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv, and at the same time graduated from the Contemporary Art course at KAMA (Kyiv Academy of Media Arts). She focuses on the research of power and ideology and the transition from the Soviet to the contemporary. In her artworks, the victim's image often emerges, no matter which topic she chooses – either the dominance of the art academy or right-wing violence, religious oppression, and harassment. The artist participated in the following projects: exhibitions "Disciplinary Acts" (2018), "Cross Sea", "This Is Not a Museum – This Is a Factory" (2020), "Chytanka" (2020), the "Garden for One Day" action within the "Propaganda of the World of My Dreams" project (2021), the "Garden after the Gods" project (2021), "Cemetery Garden", Arsenal Gallery in Białystok (2022).