Kateryna Aliinyk

Kateryna Aliinyk (b. 1998, Luhansk) is a Ukrainian artist. Has master's degree in painting (NAFAA). She studied at KAMA (Kyiv Academy of Media Arts) and Method Fund. Her primary mediums are painting and text. Currently works with the subjects of war and the occupation of Donbas through images of nature and non-anthropocentric optics. She lives and works in Kyiv since 2016. Her selected exhibitions include "Sabina" Gallery, Kyiv (2020), “Working Room” (“Robocha Kimnata”), Dnipro (2022), "What is depicted here?", Essen (2022), "W Ukraine", Warsaw (2022), "A:2402 D:2022", Berlin (2022), "State of Emergency", Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, Bucharest (2022), "If there is no war today, it doesn't mean there is no war", Kraków (2022).