Iryna Sokur

Iryna Sokur (b. 1995, Boiarka, Kyiv region) is a Ukrainian artist, photographer, and collage artist. She studied as a fashion designer at Mykhailo Drahomanov National Pedagogical University. Active participant in the Revolution of Dignity and head of the university's student council. She was a participant in the potvorchy zyizd (Ukr. “creative meeting”) and held several personal exhibitions in Kyiv: potvorchy zyizd, Teplyi Lampovyi art club, Kyiv (2020), the second potvorchy zyizd, plastic wood greenhouse, Kyiv (2021), personal exhibition “I am free, God”, Karma bar, Kyiv (2021). She has been engaged in graphic design and animation throughout her life. She uses building materials, old magazines, acrylic, and balloons in her artworks. Working on the subject of mental health, she created a series that conveys her own experiences in manic and depressive phases. During the war, she concentrated on collages and animations that interpret the heroes of Ukrainian culture. During her stay in the evacuation in Ternopil, she also helped children through classes in drawing and making paper appliqués with them, as well as creating cartoons.